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Huggies Newborn Diapers

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We have a 5 week old baby and have already decided that Huggies diapers are the diapers we are going to use always! We have tried Pampers diapers also, but they seem very thin compared to Huggies. We also decided to use Huggies newborn diapers for the extra feature they have now added.

As far as I can tell, only the newborn diapers now have a wetness stripe that runs all the way from the middle of the front to the middle of the back. When dry, the stripe is yellow. When the diaper is dirty with urine or poop, the stripe turns blue. This was a great feature for us because we are first time parents and could never tell if the diaper was wet from urine also or just poop. With the stripe, we can tell if there is urine in the diaper because the front turns blue also. It is also great because we don't have to stick our finger or nose in the diaper to see if it's dirty, we can just see if the color has changed.

These diapers have a u-shaped cut out in the front for the umbilical. This helps keep the diaper away from the healing cord. It did a great job of keeping off our baby's cord and still covering to prevent leaking.

These diapers hold A LOT of urine and poop! We have been surprised at how heavy some of the diapers that come off our little baby are that we have even weighed them! I remember one diaper weighing about 8oz! And it never leaked or even felt wet to the touch!