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Hughes Net Satellite Isp

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mustangsally82 By mustangsally82 on
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If I didn't live in an area where dial-up or HughesNet satellite internet were my ONLY two choices I'd have dumped HughesNet yesterday.

I've been a customer since 2004. At first I liked it: it was much better than the dial-up I'd had since 1997, and thanks to my new wireless router everyone could be online at the same time. It was pricey at 79 dollars a month, but I thought it was worth it. But sometime within the last year things changed.

Now they have a "Fair Access Policy" that is anything but. If I view/download/upload in excess of 425MB a day then my internet access is shut down for a full 24 hours. I could check email if I needed to, but it takes about three minutes for each page to load when I've exceeded the maximum allowed data limit in a 24-hour period. That is ridiculous when I pay 79 dollars a month for this service.

It doesn't always work when it rains, much like satellite dishes for tv don't work during heavy rain. If it snows, I have to go clean the snow out of the dish or it won't work. I never get to do anything fun at home because with the many movies and things you can do online, it's easy to exceed the limit and have your internet taken away for 24 hours. Don't have guests over with laptops or let them use your computer without telling them about the policy, because otherwise they'll use up your daily alotted bandwidth in 15 minutes.

As soon as Verizon DSL is available in my area over the phone line I'm cancelling HughesNet and getting Verizon. It's better and cheaper. Everytime those annoying HughesNet commercials come on I just want to scream at that lady who talkes about faster speeds and things. Most pages take at least ten seconds to load, and with the

Fair Access Policy it's just not worth it. If you can, get dial-up and go to the local library or internet hotspot to do your fast browsing. HughesNet is overpiced and worse than dial-up.