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Hulk 2003 Movie

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The Hulk is an iconic character in the marvel comics universe, and as a hardcore comic book fan, I was excited for the release of "Hulk" in 2003. The movie, however, was disappointing. Although detail is important in a movie, certain details are unneeded. Because the Hulk was already a well known character at the time, it was unnecessary for the movie to go so far into how he was created. After he was created in the movie, they continued to go into more and more detail on what was going on around him and how he was feeling. This is good to an extent, but it can easily become boring for the viewer. The fans and other viewers were really looking for action sequences that demonstrated the Hulk's power; however, these sequences were too short and there were too few of them. The movie was too long, too detailed, and didn't show enough of the Hulk doing what he does in the comic books - smash. Speaking of which, the Hulk's catchphrase has always been "Hulk smash!" however; the Hulk never said this in the movie. In fact, I'm not sure he spoke at all! There were upsides though. It was good just to see such a beloved character on the screen at all. The action sequences that they did have (although short) were wonderful and the CGI was decent. All in all, this movie is worth seeing for the hardcore fans, but everyone else should spend there time watching the 2008 "The Incredible Hulk", a much better representation of the character - but that's for another review.