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Hulk Load 21 Seconds Smash!

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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Ever heard of the phrase, I cannot wait... for positive anticipation? I say this in regards to this game for another reason. I just cannot wait to play this game because the load times are god-awful. They take 21 seconds to load missions, including every time you die. Even sports games where you play for a long time at once, which I find somewhat justified for all the sounds and plays and different mechanics of the game, don't have load times this atrocious. The story consists of Bruce Banner trying to cure himself of the ultra-strong yet uncontrollable Hulk. As the Hulk, he has to run from the military who sees him as a threat. The story was ok but at least the cutscenes were decent.

The graphics were pretty decent and music is practically nonexistant but the acting is nice. It is cool to hear voices yelling "Smash" or "Destroy", as you are on your mission goals.

The only other flaw I find with The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is that sometimes the enemies' health can be too high. This is especially true if you didn't unlock hammer toss, which lets you grab a tank by the cannon and hammer throw it, making battles drag. Fortunately, as you do get stronger moves, the battles can be quicker.

Fortunately, the Hulk has a whole arsenal of moves. He can create shields that he can rush with, use steel fists out of car parts, amongst other weaponizations. This was a great part of the game in addition to the critical mass to let you have more health once you're full and adrenaline surge which is like a second wind when you're about to die. Fortunately, you get a lot of health as the game is hard; you get health from nearly every enemy you destroy. The moves you learn are completely different too; you can even use the shield as a snowboard and grind through the levels and then kick it at the enemies.

The modifications are good too, such as grabbing a pole while running. I do think a lot of the time the difficulty of the game is from not having powerful moves like the one where he grabs a helicopter and then makes it dive into the ground for a 1 hit kill. He can even kick the helicopter into another enemy, which is cool.

There are challenge missions as well as a harder difficulty mode that lets you play with the moves you acquired. You can also buy moves that you did not buy the 1st time around as well as find collectibles. If you have the patience for another try with those blasted load times, you might want to give it another shot.

I'll never get why people don't test these games for such terrible load times, especially when they're consistent like in this game. I can understand a game like Grand Theft Auto (which this game derives from since you're doing free-roam when you're not in missions) since it only loads once for a while, but this is unacceptable in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction because every time you die, you get penalized 21 seconds of your life just to try again.