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Humalog Insulin

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karen By karen on
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My husband had been a Type 2 diabetic for years. Unfortunately, when he developed a very serious toe infection about a month ago, his blood sugar went nuts and he was put on insulin, something he has always been fearful of.

He is presently taking Humalog, which is a fast-acting insulin which he injects after every meal. This insulin has been doing a great job of controlling his blood sugar. In fact, it has been working so well that the slower-acting insulin he was also taking at bedtime (which works slowly overnight) hasn't been needed for the last three or four days. His doctor is still in the process of adjusting the dosage, but my husband is actually taking a lower dose now than he was a couple of days ago. Of course, he has been on a strict diabetic diet as well, so I'm sure the combination of insulin and diet is what is working for him.

As far as side effects are concerned, we haven't seen any since my husband just started taking it. Every medication has side effects. But what high blood sugar does to the body is so destructive, so something has to be done to keep things under control.

I was hopeful that my husband would never need insulin, but even before the infection, his blood sugar tended to be on a roller coaster ride. With the Humalog his readings are almost as good as mine (I don't have diabetes). Now I almost wish he had been taking it sooner. It just goes to show you that sometimes the things you fear are actually just what you need.