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Husky Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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We bought this Husky gravity feed spray gun because we were finishing our basement and needed to paint large, uneven surfaces. We figured a pain sprayer would be the easiest way to do this. Unfortunately, this was not the case with this Husky sprayer.


This sprayer is small in size compared to other sprayers. That makes it easy to hold, but still got heavy on your hand after a while. This sprayer is relatively quiet too. Other than the sound of paint spraying out, there is not much noise.

It does offer a range of spray patterns just by turning the nozzle. You can concentrate the spray to a small central area, elongate it vertically or horizontally, or have it wide open for a less saturated spray. This spray gun would be great if you were using it for small detail work only.


Although the idea of a gravity feed system sounds great, it really isn't. First, you have to load the paint into the top of the container that needs to already be attached to the gun. Well, there's no easy way to stabilize the gun with one hand and pour a gallon bucket of paint with the other, especially when you have to make it in the small container. You really need two people to get the pain loaded.

As I said before, this spray gun would be great if you were using it for a small, detailed area. It is not good at all for large areas. The spray radius is so small that it took about 30 minutes just to cover about a 4X3 section of wall!

This spray gun clogs easily. In order to clean the access paint, you have to take the whole nozzle apart and clean it with paint thinner. We had to do that about every 10 minutes, until we finally gave up and took it back.

It was very difficult to get the pain flowing in the gun. You would think...put the paint in, attach air hose, pull trigger, paint should start flowing...right? NO! It took 5 minutes of spraying air before the paint made its way through the gun and out the nozzle! Even after we thinner the paint, it still took a while to come out and still clogged. Also, you have to hold the sprayer completely level for the paint to flow. If you angle it at all, the gravity feed gets messed up and the paint consistency gets bad or just quits.

I forgot to take a picture of this sprayer before we took it back and I have found out Husky and Home Depot do not even have them listed for sale on their websites anymore. I think they realized how bad of a product it was and stopped production!