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Hydrocortisone, I Owe You Everything!

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Walgreens Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Ointment

I'm a mosquito magnet. I guess I have that "sweet blood" since I'm always drinking juices, sodas and other junk foods. When I get bit though, the pain is pretty unbearable because I tend to have a mild allergic reaction. And of course if you keep itching, it only gets worse and you could end up with a rash or something. So what's the solution? Hydrocortisone cream. This stuff is fantastic. Its an anti-itch cream with aloe which I picked up at Walgreens - maximum strength so you feel relief in seconds after application. When I put it on early enough it seems to also help the bite go away faster and the skin heal quicker too. So you're soothing your skin and eliminating an annoyance. So if you're like me then you definitely want to invest in this stuff.

Its also great for things like dermatitis and mild eczema. We live in the suburbs and the second a door or window opens we're under attack by tons of pests so this stuff is essential.