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Hypertension Medication

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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My illness has caused collateral damage: kidney damage. Because my kidneys are damaged, I have renal hypertension. Every year my high blood pressure gets higher. According to my doctors, diet and exercise alone cannot control it.

So I have used several types of hypertension medication to control it. I have tried lisinopril and cozaar. Unfortunately I had too many side-effects on these medication: nausea, vomitting, and pain. These two meds are supposed to help people with kidney problems. After a talk with my nephrologist, he started me on a calcium blocker, which was sort of effective.

Finally, my doctor agreed to try me on the generic form of hytrin. Hytrin is a an alpha-1-selective adrenoceptor blocking agent and has been used for hypertension for at least thirty years. Hytrin causes the blood vessals to widen and relax.

One of the first things my doctor told me was to take this medication at night before I went to bed. This med can cause extreme dizziness and sleepiness. During the first week, I would wake up with a slight headache.

After six months, even though an older medication, it has controlled my hypertension better than the newer Beta blockers. My blood pressure is now 120/70, which is extremely good for me.

I have learned to deal with the dizziness as long as I don't put my arms above my head too much. And the slight headache has gone away. I guess I just needed to get used to this medication. So if you have the same problem, this med might help you too.