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Hyundai New Accent 2010

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By Ahmed Abdelsalam on
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I purchased Hyundai Accent about 1.5 years ago, the car has a good set of features and advantages that makes it a very good choice at the given price. First, the car has a wonderful sporty shape, that makes the car looks very good, the car comes with a nice look tyres, and wonderful painting. The car appears in a good set of colors that matches most of requirements.

Hyundai Accent comes with a CVVT engine with 1600 CC, which is a wonderful engine, it makes the car acceleration very good. Another good advantage for the motor is that it's very supportive for the air condition, i.e. the car air condition doesn't affect the car performance when it's ON. This is because the strong CVVT engine.

Hyundai Accent 2010 comes with most of luxuary features, like Power steering (more details later), which is really wonderful and makes driving very easy, air condition, electric car door windows and automatic center-lock. A good feature also introduced in the center lock is the automatic lock after 30 seconds (with the first brake press), and this enhances the security of the car so that kids nor anyone can open the doors while the car is running.

Hyundai Accent 2010 comes with a good CD Player, although it's make in china, but it has some good featurers like USB connection for plugging in USB flash sticks, support for MP3 CDs, WMV CDs, and Tag reader.

Power steering of new accent 2010 is wonderful, it's very responsive and powerful, which makes the driving is a nice experience. with both of electric and oil steering combined together, power steering becomes an efficient steering. Even on a high speed, the steering has a good response and doesn't become lighter. When the car engine is off, the steering is disabled.

The air condition of new accent is also excellent, is affects the environment fastly with different modes of operation. Also, a cold/heat indicator changes the level of air condition to different levels. Thanks to the strong engine, the air condition doesn't affect the performance of the car.

The bad things in the car is that the suspension system is not very good especially in cities with not good roads. In addition, the weight of the car makes it very light, and not very stable on bad ways. Another point, is that engine after 3200 RPM has a very loud sound.

As a summary, the car is very good compared to car price.