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I Am A Barbie Girl

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By ladychai on
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When I was a kid, my aunt brought with her a barbie doll from middle east. She used the doll for her dolls with crocheted clothes collection. That was the first time I learned about barbie. I kept on holding on the Barbie doll in the hopes that my Aunt will give it to me but she did not because barbie was really expensive back then. I grew up borrowing barbie dolls from my friends because my mom will not buy me one. In fact, Barbie was the cause why my neighbor and I were not friends anymore. Her cousin brought with her some toys in their house one day and one of them was a barbie doll with only one leg. Her cousin gave it to me because I was the youngest and I kept holding on to the barbie doll. Apparently, she found the other leg by the time she went home and her mother must have scolded her for giving out her toys. When she asked me to give back the Barbie doll she once gave me, I can no longer give it back because our dog was already chewing on it. After that I she conived with our neighbor and quarrelled me, I can no longer recall much as it was a long time ago but I did know that after that we were no longer friends.

My friends have different kinds of Barbie dolls and they would dress them up and pretend to be either going out shopping for toys, go to work and stuff. Haayz, those were the days.

Now that I am an adult, my aunt brought some Barbie dolls for the kids and my daughter was lucky enough to have one of them. I tried to keep it in tip top shape but her persistence on wanting to play with the doll got to me. I kept the hair tied down that way the way won't get messy. Because my daughter is just two years old and does not value the doll and what it meant to me, Barbie is now left with only the body, minus the head, the legs and the arms. This doll in my picture is actually my gift to my friend's daughter on her 2nd birthday and I am hoping to buy one for my daughter too but this time I'll try to resist her pleas to play with them so as not to risk having Barbie decapitated once again. When I learned that my cousin's daughter, who at 8 years old is already collecting barbie dolls, I was envious. One day I will help my daughter collect her very own Barbie dolls as well.

Barbie dolls have been around since 1959, there has been a lot of changes in her looks since then. There is just something about this doll that even grown-ups get hooked on.

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