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I Am Beowulf!!!!!

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"I Am Beowulf!" So declares the lead character in this animated movie that re-tells a centuries-old story about a man's quest to destroy an evil creature and it's momma. But if you think you can show this one to the kids, think again. This is NOT for the squeamish.

This re-telling of "Beowulf" is co-written by Neil Gaiman, considered the top fantasy writer alive today by his peers. Look him up- he's won multitudes of writing awards just from his comic books alone! In this version, Beowulf (voice-acted by Ray Winstone) is hired to rid of an evil creature that has literally torn apart a kingdom. Grendel( Crispin Glover in his creepiest) now becomes a target of Beowulf who has no problem bragging about his own legendary works, even when questioned by a king's aid played by a slimy-sounding John Malkovich.

However, it doesn't end there. There are triangles, trysts, greed, and an especially evil monster momma played by the ultra-seductive Angelina Jolie. As Grendel's momma, she exhibits exactly how temptation can ruin a good man if he gives in.

The animation of this movie is simply stunning. Remember Polar Express? Imagine Polar Express 2.0 with even more detail, enough to make you forget the people aren't real. And your ears are treated to a wonderful symphony when Grendel makes his first appearance and also towards the end of the movie when another monster decides to take flight.

Yet just as impressive is the making of the movie. During the special features you get a detailed look at exactly how much work goes into voice acting and simulating events that take place on a green screen. Ray Winstone admittedly looks nothing like Beowulf yet you completely believe his ability to make his voice and face look like a warrior despite his short and pudgy stature. And Crispin Glover as Grendel seems like a perfect fit when you watch him jump around on bungee cords and tear up stuffed dolls. I told you he was creepy!

If you are ready for a scare and want to see a few battles, watch this movie. This is a wonderful re-telling of a legend that points out how greed can ruin everything, even the finest of men.