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I Am Not Smarter Than A 5th Grader

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Yes, it was a rude awakining. I always considered myself fairly intelligent until I played this game. We really like the gameshow so when my son saw the board game at WalMart he bought it. I think he bought it because he was pretty sure that he could beat me at it, and he was right. Everytime we play it, one of my sons totally humiliate me. It is rated for ages 8 and up but I think it should also have an upper age range because after you have been out of school for so long, you tend to forget the simplest things.

The concept of the game is fairly simple. Players take turns being the host, contestant, and student helpers. The contestant answers questions in grade levels from 1st to 5th in categories such as math social studies, physical education, english, geography and music The student helpers are allowed to help in three ways: by a peek, a copy and a save. If the contestant makes it through all five grade levels then they get to answer the million dollar question. They can not get any help on this question.

We usually play the game enough rounds that everyone playing gets a chance to be the contestant. This game is a lot of fun and usually results in a good time and many laughs (usually at my expense). And every time I lose my kids make me say. My name is Kay and I am not smarter than a 5th grader.