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'I Believe In You' From: The Best Of Don Williams

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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Today I was privileged to see a new baby girl named Olivia Grace. Her mom and dad are young kids the age of my oldest boy. Sam, the father, is my first-born son's best friend. I remember holding Sam in my arms when he was a baby. His new baby is like having a grandchild. He is the first of all my kid's friends to have kids. This is his second.

As I was rocking Olivia, I almost cried. Seeing her soft beautiful face and tender smile the minute I picked her up brought back some great memories. I decided to get this CD for that memory I had.

I was expecting to spend $15.00 easy. I did not spend $15.00. I spent $10.00.

Don Williams had this certain song that I was after and it happened to be the first song on this CD. ‘I Believe In You' is the feeling that I had when holding Olivia in my arms. A fantastic country ballad that every human on earth has heard at least once. In the song you can hear Don s mellow voice croon about believing in all the great things in life, one of them being babies. This song is on its fourth passing right now; as I attempt to write a different kind of review.

Now that 25 years have passed and I have raised 5 children of my own, I sort of miss the babies that they were. We often take such blessings for granted. I believe in love, but sure miss those little tykes. They are great adults now and I still see the magic in their eyes.

This song hit the top of the country charts at #1 on August 23rd1980. It also managed to tackle the #24 position in the Pop charts on September 27 1980. It achieved one more feat when it posted the #8 position of the Adult Contemporary charts on October 4th 1980. This is one song that has forever helped me to adjust my attitude. The song is about the way one can see the world. It is about God watching down and gifting us the things on earth that are beautiful. Everything we do in life can be good. We have to believe in ourselves and be Superman. We have to relax.

There are twelve songs on this release also, but like I said before, Don Williams had this certain song that I was after and it happened to be the first song on this CD.

The others include: (All Charted In Country)

#2-Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good...#1 11-21-81

#3-You're My Best Friend...#1 4-12-75

#4-Say It Again...#1 6-12-76

#5-Tulsa Time...#1 11-4-78

#6-I'm Just A Country Boy...#1 9-3-77

#7-Good Ole Boys Like Me...#2 3-29-80

#8-(Turn Out The Lights And) Love Me Tonight...#1 8-16-75

#9-Till The Rivers All Run Dry...#1 1-31-76

#10-She Never Knew Me...#2 10-16-76

#11-If Hollywood Don't Need You (Honey, I Still Do)...#1 12-11-82

#12-Some Broken Hearts Never Mend...#1 3-12-77

As I am listening to this one play, I wonder about the future and the babies that I will hold from the babies I am holding today. ‘I Believe In You' was well worth what I purchased this 20th Century Masters-Millennium Collection CD for. ‘I Believe In You' and babies smile. What a great day it has been.