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I Clean My Drive With A Jcb!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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This shredder is called the GS 1800, and the electric motor is rated at 1800 watts, hence the model number, the colour, is of course Caterpillar Yellow. I am assuming everyone in the World knows about Mr Joseph Cyril Bamford, famous for founding a company that made the excavator range. The Company also makes smaller bits of kit, including shredders. The firm was established in 1945. This Company is world famous for manufacturing earth-moving equipment, and now also this humble garden shredder.

All these machines make a lot of noise, including the ones that are supposed to be silent. This one is noisy too, but no worse than any other model. As for the actual shedding side of things, it takes stems about the size of your thumb, anything bigger and it will jam, and not last very long at all.

My own cheap & nesty shredder broke, and I borrowed one of these, and find this model is just right, it doesn't take up too much room, it shreds small branches & twigs, and it collects the waste in a sack. You can either use this as a mulch, or put it in the compost bin. This machine is light in weight, easy to use, and has hardened steel blades, which can be removed to sharpen.

The only snag I have found, is the mains lead on this, it's only about ten feet long, a little more length would be better. These machines can be found at all the DIY superstores, and cost about £90, but you will see them cheaper on the Net, just bear in mind the cost of Post & Packing.

The machine is easy to keep clean, and a squirt of WD40 or thin oil will keep the rust bug at bay for the Winter. There is a decent manual with this machine, and it does advise eye protection, a pair of goggles may not look cool, but but there are people around who would have literally been blinded by these. I am not trying to put you off, just making you aware of the facts. I can recommend these to all.