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I Dog Loves My Music Mixes!

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Woof Woof! That's what my I-Dog does when I don't give him enough attention, or if he really likes one of the songs currently playing through him.

I got my I-DOG about a year ago from Target and absolutely fell in love with him. He was sooo adorable I couldn't resist putting him in my shopping cart!! Mine is red in color, but currently you can get him in such a wide range of colors, including even one that looks like "Spider-Dog." Even though the I-Dog is quite tiny, probably about the size of two large baked potatos, he delivers great sound out of his back! He requires 2 AA batteries and I've only had to change his batteries once in the year that I have had him so he does really well on battery life.

He comes with a connector cord which you plug into his side, and then you plug the other end into your IPod or any other type of MP3 player that has a headphone jack. I've even recently begun using my Pioneer Inno XM Radio with him while I am at work.

The I-DOG is also the perfect size for a desk and definantely a conversation starter! I remember the first day I brought him into work no one had any clue as to what he was or what he did. I didn't understand how no one had heard of an I-DOG before! Needless to say I explained the concept to them and everyone immediatly wanted one of their own!

When he plays your music you can adjust the volume through the volume dials on your MP3 player. So depending on the volume you have he can be quite soft or quite loud in his playing abilities. When he really likes a song he will bark and his head moves, along with his ears. Also on the front of his face there are about 8 colored lights that change colors as his mood changes. His mood changes to the different styles of music as well. You have to be careful though, if you don't give him enough attention he will whine and sometimes even shut off on you! To make sure he gets the attention he needs you have to pet the top of his head between his ears periodically which improves his mood and makes him more happy. I think that is such a cute little feature, especially for the kids. It's like having their own pet, minus the mess or vet bills!

So if you are looking for a cute little MP3 player that is unique, I would definitely check out the I-DOG. It's priced very well for the quality of the product. They also have an I-CAT, I-PENGUIN, and I-FISH that are all equally as adorable. They also make great gifts as well to people of all ages!