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I Have A Curly One!Just A Hozelok Garden Hose, Sorry!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Many years ago, One fine day, I needed to extend my garden hose, I managed this by using an old spiral airline from an articulated Lorry, this seemed to do the job perfectly, and it seems like someone has pinched my idea, although I surely can't have been the first to think of it.


No kinks as with normal hosepipes.

Standard fittings take accessories made by Hozelok, plus other firms. You can plug in a lawn sprinkler, or a MiracleGro feeder, a wateriing lance etc.

Fittings and hose Made by Hozelok

Available in all good garden centres at reasonable prices, also look in DIY superstores.

You can extend it, (but read cons), If you don't need a high volume of water, then you can join them together, but there are limitations.

Simple to stow, you won't need a drum.


Smaller in diameter (3/8") and the curls means more friction, meaning less flow.

You won't be able to just lay it out and let it water your garden, without fixing it down. Just to explain, with a normal hose, if you want to feed a sprinkler forty feet away from the tap, you run the hose to it, turn the tap on, and have a coffee. With this system, you need to stop it from flying back towards the tap, not a great problem but inconvenient.

If the flow is not great, then obviously the output will be reduced.

Although this is 50 Feet long, you can only use it practically, up to about 45 Feet, stretch it & you are struggling against the "sprung" recoil.

Just remember, as the plastic hose gets dragged along the ground, it will pick up tiny pieces of grit, then if you drag the hose across your cars bonnet, you are going to end up with scratches, this may seem obvious, but I just wanted to point it out.

Prices are less than £5 for a cheap & nasty imitation, but I would recommend you to get the genuine Hozelok.

RRP about £29.99 but you will find them cheaper. Mine was a Prezzie, good Birthday idea?

This hose is hard wearing, & the only spares you might need, are the O - rings for the fittings, which are widely available, This looks neat all the time, not like your ordinary hose, which looks a mess if you don't coil it properly.

Hozelok have a website :-