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I Have A Windows Window On My Mac! V Mware

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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One of the things that I think is very cool about the latest goings on with Mac computers is the software such as bootcamp, Parallels and VMware Fusion that allows a Mac owner to install other types of operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.) into thier Mac.

While I wanted to move away from windows for the most part, there is some software and games that I would like to use... and while it wouldn't be the end of the world if I could not, the fact that I can is why I did! ;-)

After researching the 3 different types of software available I chose VMware. Mac OS X comes with bootcamp, however you have to reboot the computer to bring up the OS that you want... and that sounded like a pain to me. I ALMOST purchased parallels because this is the one that I had heard the most about and it allows you to run 2 OS at the same time... but then I ran into information on VMware and how much more stable it is... and how great it is so I picked it up.

The installation of VMware was quick and easy... and then I installed Windows XP Pro into it...

This is where it gets cool...

VMware opens a window on my desktop that runs the Windows XP... so I can actually just click back and forth between XP and OS X. It is sooooo cool!

I really get a kick out of rebooting the Windows XP inside the VMware window while my Mac just purs along doing its thing...

You can also transfer files from the operating system inside the VMware to your Mac and back. I have not done this yet as I am having a hard time moving files over from my old laptop to my iMac... I am horrible at networking so I have a flashdrive on on order to make it easier for me... I should be playing around with this feature in a few days.

Another cool thing is that you can actually load quite a few operatng systems onto your Mac with this software by creating a new partition for each one. It all happens with a few mouse clicks... as long as you have enough hard drive space to accomodate the space needed you are good to go. This could be a very valuable tool for all sorts of work environments where different types of operating systems are necessary for various tasks. How cool to be able to have them all on one computer?

I have to say also that anyone holding out on getting a Mac because of losing the ability to use certain programs, trust me... VMware is the ticket to moving over to a better operating system while still being able to use the old one for the things that you are not ready to part with just yet in the Microsoft world.