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I Haven't Scrubbed My Toilet Bowl In 4 Months!

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I HATE scrubbing toilets! I don’t care if it’s in my own house! The only thing I hate more than scrubbing toilets is a DIRTY toilet! So...I did myself a favor and bought an automatic bowl cleaner!

2000 Flushes is concentrated to clean up to 4 months.

It cleans and deodorizes with the power of chlorine, leaves your bowl sanitary.

Keeps the water crystal clear, and the bowl water will not harm children or pets.

It is also NOT harmful to plumbing or septic systems.


2000 flushes is a 3.5oz bleach “tablet” (I think it looks more like a round bar of soap)

That you basically drop into the tank of your toilet. You have to thouroughly clean the bowl before you drop the tablet into the tank. After that…it’s all good! You don’t want to touch the tablet…it IS a chemical…the caution on the package is as follows-

POISON: CAUSES BURNS. Contains organic chlorine bleach. Avoid contact of product with eyes, skin and mucous membranes. May be harmful if swallowed. DO NOT USE WITH ANY OTHER CLEANING OR HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS, including ammonia, acids, bleaches of chlorine cleaners. If tablet must be removed before it is completely dissolved, flush toilet and, before tank refills, remove from tank (wear gloves) Place in plastic bag and avoid dripping.


This should be used in toilets that are used regularly (flushed at least once a month)

For health and safety information on this product they have listed a number



Well, I’ve never gotten this stuff in my eyes or on my skin! So I haven’t had any problems there. It is very easy to put this into your toilet tank! Just have your husband do it! Just kidding…I do it myself. It really does last for about 4 months! I am loving it! I haven’t had to scrub that bowl in almost 4 months! The bowl stays clean (none of the ugly growing/filmy stuff)…the water is always clear...I don’t think there is really a smell to it. When you first add it to the tank and then flush…you can smell bleach but nothing over powering. Then it just goes away to such a faint smell I don’t even notice it. Of course you still have to clean the outer parts of the toilet…I wish there was something automatic for that!! When it’s time for a new tablet, you will know…the bowl gets..dirty...I just check it after a couple of months (if I remember) and get a new one when /before it is all gone..

I have to admit that I prefer more natural cleaning products…but this is an AUTOMATIC TOILET BOWL CLEANER!! …and it’s working for me so until I find a more”natural” automatic bowl cleaner (that works as well) This is what I’m gonna use! Save yourself from the dreaded bowl scrub and try one of these!


I got mine at Wal-Mart …paid about 2.99 for the 3.5oz tablet. You should be able to find these easily at any store that sells cleaning products!