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I Just Couldn't Put It Down...Ever!

Reviewing: Sara Shepard Pretty L Ittle Liars Series  |  Rating:
Taylor Hansen By Taylor Hansen on
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My friend recommended this book to me and said that it was suspenseful, gripping and just over-all a great book. I started reading it and I was instantly in hooked. It was just so good I couldn't stop reading it. I finished the first book which was about 300 pages long, and went on to the next book. There are 5 books in the series: Pretty Little Liars (yellow), Flawless (orange), Perfect (pink), Unbelievable (green), and Wicked (blue). The series is about a clique of 5 middle school girls who are the best of friends. The town's pretty girl, Ali, also the head of the group, mysteriously disappears one night. Years pass and the friends move one from each other. But when they all start getting texts from a mysterious "A", they must do as their stalker says or "A" will tell all of their secrets. Read the book to find out more, and if you are into mystery, you will most definitely LOVE this series!