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I Kept The Minnesota Mosquitoes Off My Skin!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Not all head nets are created equal. If you can find this style, it is far superior to the ones that fasten around your neck.

First of all, let me say that I am not sure you can purchase this exact product any more. The Safesport company was sold several years ago, and I am not sure what happened to their product line. But I am reviewing this net anyway because it is so much better than the ones which end at your neck that if you ever find one, grab it up quick!

Secondly, I HATE head nets. I always carry it with me when backpacking because there are rare occasions when the mosquitoes even get to me. Minnesota in July of 1997 very nearly sent three intrepid hikers scurrying for a motel to seek cover from the Anopheles Luftwaffe. If we had not had our nets, long sleeves, and gloves with us, we would have packed it in.

So, what is different about this net that makes me such a fan? The primary difference is that this net does not end at your neck. The panels are longer, with ties that you can fasten under your arms. No bugs can get at your neck, and there is no annoying elastic or string on the sensitive skin of your neck.

I keep one set of ties fastened all the time and just slip my arm through that side. You would think that tying the other side, under your arm, would be impossible. But the panels and ties are long enough that I can actually do it quite easily, if I want to. However, I never really seem to need to. For some reason the bugs don’t seem to know enough to fly in under the net, and then up to get at the skin.

The top panel is a 12" circle. The sides of the net are one big cylinder with a seam down the middle of the back. The panel is also 12" long. It’s made of standard nylon, army-green mosquito mesh.

It probably works best worn over a hat to help hold it in place, but I hate hats, so this leads to my one complaint about the net. I also have a very small head, and the seam around the top panel tends to slip down in front of my eyes.

But whenever I need to keep the mosquitoes or blackflies off, I am so very happy that I have this particular net!