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I Like This Game Becouse It So Real,

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i has been finish to play this game, i like it very much, becouse the world in the game is so realistic and i can go any where i like to go. The Graphics of this game is so good, and the sounds too.

The main quest begins after the players by the populace of the Capital Wasteland) escapes Vault 101 at age 19. The search for James, his father, takes the character on a journey through the wasteland, first to the nearby town of Megaton, named for the undetonated atomic bomb at its center, then the Galaxy News Radio station. The player then travels to Rivet City, a derelict aircraft carrier now serving as a human settlement. Here the player meets Doctor Li, a scientist who worked alongside the player's father.

In this game, our mission is looking for the missing father Fallout 3 takes place in a the nuclear war in 2077 year. You will hard to see the foot and homan in the city again. now just try to play this game and you will be enjoy it. thank..