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I Like This Tooth Paste!

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chenault By chenault on
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I take very good care of my teeth. I am 29 years old and knock on wood, I have never had a cavity. I saw Crest Pro Health toothpaste at dollar General at a fair price of less than $3, so I decided to try it out.

I like that this toothpaste is an anti-gingivitis and anti-plaque toothpaste that contains floride to help prevent tooth decay, and also strenghten my teeth. As you might know, I am a candy addict, and that causes more than a little worry with me. I know all of that sugar isn't really good for me or my teeth.

Another thing I love about this toothpaste is that it is the only toothpaste that contains a unique Polyfluorite System which protects against cavities, decay, sensitivity and gingivitis. It also contans an ingredient which fights stains and tartar. As I am also a diet coke drinker, I worry about cola stains on my teeth. I try to always drink from a straw, but that isn't always possible for me.

Regular visits to the dentist are the key to good dental health, but this toothpaste is also a great preventative measure. It tastes good, and it leaves my teeth squeaky clean. I would recommend Crest Pro Health toothpaste to anyone who worries about their dental health.