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I Love My Arensbak Christmas Troll!

Reviewing: The Arensbak Troll 2007 Limited Edition Christmas Troll  |  Rating:
By marnm02 on
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I saw a display of these trolls at a winery in my area and fell completely in love. They are handmade out of natural materials, very detailed, and just adorable.

I had been wanting one for a long time, but I couldn't justify buying one. Even though I thought they were so unique and cute, they just don't fit with the decor of my house. I didn't know where I would put one and I didn't want to spend $30+ on something I wouldn't be able to display.

On my most recent visit to the winery, I found the solution to my problem. They had an adorable limited edition Christmas troll out. She's a female troll (because she has no beard) and she's holding a candle wrapped in holly and a little book of carols. She's red and white with a holly wreath around her head with an acorn in the middle. She has a tag tied to her tail that says "2007 Christmas Troll Limited Edition". On the inside it says the design will not be reproduced and gives copyright info. On the back it says "troll the ancient yuletide carol" and it is numbered. Mine is #165. The bottom is hand signed by Neta Arensbak.

As soon as I saw this troll, I had flash-forward visions of my future children getting all excited to take out the "Christmas troll" every year. I knew I had to have it, and that it would be perfect to display during the holidays, and I wouldn't need to find a permanent place for it in my home.

My fiance gave me a hard time about spending almost $30 with tax on this silly little Christmas troll. But I'm looking at it as a handmade piece of art, and I think when thought about it in that respect, it is worth it. On ebay, I've found this company's Christmas trolls from the 1980's selling for upwards of $100, so I'm looking at it as an investment. I am thinking I might start buying the new Christmas troll that comes out every year.

These are hard to find, there aren't many places that sell them, but they are available online at http://www.trolls.com