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I Love My Dvr!

Reviewing: Scientific Atlana 8300 Hd  |  Rating:
chesneychic By chesneychic on
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At the end of the day one of my favorite things to do is lay in bed and watch my favorite television shows. I am a complete TV junkie and watch so many shows that it is scary. As my kids get older I am on the go more and more and kept missing my favorite shows. I never have been one to use my VCR and would always forget to set it up for my favorite shows. I decided to get a DVR so that I could do it one time and be sure that all my shows would tape. I got my DVR through my cable company which is Comcast. It is made by Scientific Atlanta and is model number 8300 HD. The DVR is very easy to use and set up the recordings for my shows. You just go to the main menu or find the program you want to record and press the record button on your remote then it will ask if you want to record one show or every show. You can also set up for it to record only at the set time that it is on or set it up to record any time of day the show is on. Once you watch the show you can delete the program or there is an option to copy to your VCR which is nice in case there is a show that you really like and want to make a permanent copy of. You can also rewind and pause both live TV and recordings. You are also able to fast-forward recordings which I love so I don't have to watch commercials anymore.

I have never had any problem with running out of recording space and there is an option where you can check how much space you have left under the main menu. I pay a monthly fee to lease my DVR which is $6.99 each.

I have never had any problem with the DVR and absolutely love it. We now have one in the living room which is where my husband and children record their shows and I have another one in my bedroom for all my shows.