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I Love My Lenovo T61!

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By malcolmreynolds on
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I bought my lenovo T61 the week before I started my freshman year of college. I also started working in tech support my freshman year, and on a campus where 9 out of 10 students have a lenovo computer (IBM/Lenovo headquarters is 3 miles away), I saw a lot of lenovos. I fix problems on all types of computers every single day, but anyone I work with will tell you, I hate working on Dells, Toshibas, Compaqs, HPs and Macs, because they just don't have the functionality or ease of use that my lenovo does. Most notable are the dual mouse features (a regular touchpad with 2 corresponding buttons and a nub with 3 buttons on the top side of the touchpad). Also, if you want to open up a computer, Dells take 20 minutes, Macs are impossible, but to replace the hard drive on a lenovo, it's 1 screw. RAM, its only 4, and it sits right in. I accidentally broke my LCD screen a year ago, and ordered another one from Lenovo. Not only did it ship within a day (From Georgia) but they also upgraded my screen (WXGA from WGA) because their newest T61 models had the new screen. I got a $400 increase value for free! This machine is a beast, it has the computing power of a desktop, a 4-hour battery life, and everything's upgradable. When I decided I didn't like Vista, dual-booting to Windows XP only took me an hour and a half.When the case gets dirty, unlike on Macs and HPs, which use dye on their cases, I can just wWindwx and Armor All everything, even the keyboard, for a like-new look. The only laptop I will ever buy is a Lenovo/IBM T-series. I find all others to be inferior.