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I Love This Universal Remote

Reviewing: Logitech Harmony One 620 Universal Remote  |  Rating:
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I was amazed when I received this remote from a site that I do word of mouth advertising for. The remote retails for $249 which I thought was a bit pricey. That was until I opened it and proceeded to set it up.

This remote is the answer to my prayers, I have been complaining for quite some time about the fact that I need to use three remotes just to watch tv. No more, this remote has a touch screen that enables you to touch a single button to turn on everything at once and even push play. It has a cd that you put into your computer, after collecting all your remotes, You load the logitech program onto your computer and it talks you through the set up. I was able to set up five different activities on this universal remote in about a half hour. It has eliminated clutter on my end table and has made using our tv, cable, stereo, cd player, dvr and vcr a pleasure. This remote works with all electronics from 20 year old TV's to electronics that haven't even been developed. You can go into the program on your computer and add new items as needed.

I push one button and the cable box, tv and tuner for sound all come on at the same time, Hurray. I intend to purchase this as a gift for my mother who is 77 and doesn't want to mess with a lot of different remotes for Christmas. The shape of the remote is terrific it fits comfortably in your hand, when you pick it up all the buttons light up as they are backlit.

You chose activity and touch the screen where it lists different activities, this remote now controls my Cable Box, TV, DVR, 5 Disc CD Changer, DVD Player, VCR and tuner. There are quite a few models of these remotes that range in price up to $499. The one reviewed here is in the mid-range.

Update On Jul 08, 2008: While I still love this remote and find it extremely easy to use the men in my household have problems with it because they don't have it pointed in the direction of the electronic device they are trying to control. This in turn frustrates them and they search for the original remote without trying to figure out exactly why the new remote didn't work correctly. Hopefully I will get them trained eventually (yeah right)