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I Love Zooba!!!

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alice By alice on
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I'm always asking my family and friends "Have you hear of ZOOBA?". They invariably so NO so I'm beginning to think I might be onto the best bookclub secret around. I joined this online book club a year ago and each month I pay a flat fee of $9.95 for any book of my choice. There is never a shipping charge (it's always free!). It's so easy as I just log into their website and go through the thousands of books they offer, from the new HOT titles, fiction, non-fiction, cooking, how-to, history, you name it, they have it. I can make up a personalized reading list of the books I like and each month Zooba ships one out to me in the order I have them listed. I can delete, add or change the order of my list at anytime. Also, I can purchase additional books whenever I want, again at the flat rate of $9.95, that's all. What a savings if you think of the price of books these days. I just received my latest book choice in the mail today, The Abduction by Mark Gimenez, which reminded me to do this review! I'm off to read so I hope anyone reading this will check out this website and join up.

Update On Jun 29, 2008: Zooba has changed their name to BOMC2 powered by book-of-the-month. It still offers the same great deals as I mentioned in the review and the change over was flawless on their end. Nothing changed except the name!