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I Loved 'He' While It Lasted

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This Whirlpool Calypso Washer is a High Efficiency (HE) design. HE washers are similar in function to a front loader, but face upward so they are a top loader. They are water efficient and spin twice as fast as a typical top loader so they result in much drier clothes (and less drying time).

One of the things that I like best about this design is that it does not have a standard agitator sticking up in the tub. This allows the washer to accommodate large loads, such as king size comforters. I also like the stainless steel tub which is clean and remains rust free.

The controls are intuitive and easy to use. There are nine main duty cycles (such as Whites, Heavy Duty, Normal, Jeans, Bulky, Quick Wash, Delicate Casual, Wool, and Hand Wash, and Wash & Spin). There are additional controls for Soil Level (Extra Heavy, Heavy, Normal, Light, Refresh), Water Temperature Combinations, Soak, Extra Rinse, and Extra Spin.

There are status lights indicating the cycle, and a digital 'Estimated Time Remaining' display. The completion buzzer can be set to loud, soft, or turned off. There are separate automatic dispenser containers for bleach, detergent, and fabric softener.

I was very happy with my Calypso washing machine for 6 years. It cleaned well, it was relatively quiet, and honestly it had more duty cycles and feature than I need.

Suddenly one day the washer completely died without warning. No lights, no sound, nothing. It had the signs of being a bad Machine Control Board (a $189 part). The machine did not work after replacing that, and the repairman said that the Control Panel (a $289 part which previously had tested as working) was also bad. The combined cost of the repair would be over $400. So rather than spending close to half of the original cost get a six year-old machine going again, I guess I will buy a new washer in the $500 range. Fortunately, I have friends whose washer I can use until I have time to get a new machine.

Different parts of this machine had different warranty lives: One-year full warranty. Ten years on the outer tub. Limited Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel basket. Unfortunately, the Machine Control Board only had a five year warranty.

It is too bad for the environment that Whirlpool seems to be gouging people for replacement parts. I had a good look at the machine control board and it did not look very complex, but of course the logic chip is proprietary so there is no competition.

I am somewhat heartbroken because I loved my Calypso HE Washing Machine.