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I Now Know Why They Call These Crackberries

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crazycol By crazycol on
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I purchased the Blackberry Pearl Pink a month ago in response to my husband constantly sitting across or next to me in restaurants, at the dinner table, while watching tv, etc., playing with his Blackberry. My sister has one, my son has one, and several friends have them as well. So who was I to fight fate.

I can now say I understand their compulsion to constantly handle their Blackberry. It is more than a phone, for folks who use them for business they are a lifeline. I just started a new job which requires me to keep in contact with co-workers and my employer. My Blackberry Pearl is now set up to download my work e-mail, and updates to facebook by family and friends, I can access my favorite radio station, play Blockbuster (my hubby's favorite pastime), keep up to date with what everyone is up to and access the internet.

I also ordered the unlimited data plan for another $39 a month as well as a car charger, a wall charger and I can use a data cable to charge it from my computer while I am working.

The phone is thin about 1/2" thick and measures approximately 2" x 4". It also came with a leather slipcase to help to protect it when not in use. I have to lock the keyboard when I place it in my purse or pocket as it has dialed people without my knowing it. The other neat thing about this phone is you can use Blackberry messenger which enables you to message others with Blackberries very easily. It has a qwerty keyboard with two letters per key and predictive text messaging. I find it quite easy to send both text and email messages using the keyboard. It has a red blinking light at the upper right corner which lets you know when you have a message.

You can change your ring tone so that it rings differently for different people, enabling you to know who is calling before you answer the phone. It also allows you to set ring tones for incoming emails, incoming facebook updates, etc. So far I am happy with my Blackberry Pearl, I will post an update in a few months and let everyone know if I am still enjoying my new toy.

The good news is now when my husband starts playing with his "Crackberry", I can pull mine out as well and it usually makes him put it down. It does help me to keep in contact with my employer and family and for that I am grateful. I just hope I don't become an addict like a lot of the folks I know.