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I Play Super Spiral Play Tower

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We got this toy for our 12 month old girl for Christmas this year. I was looking for something that looked fun without tons of bells and whistles. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like all those toys that talk, sing, and make all kids of weird electronic noises. Not only are they loud and annoying, but they eat through batteries if your little one plays with them all the time. This spiral tower has no electronic parts and only makes noises when you do certain things with it.

This toy has a tall tower with a spiral wrapped around it, 3 shoots that all have different textures down the ramp, and a button that drops a frog down into a little holding area. The tower is a hallow tube where you drop the frog into. When you drop him right side up, air is pushed through him and he makes a "squeaking" kind of noise. When you push the button at the bottom of the tube, the frog drops out and you hear a "ding". Surprisingly I never had to show my little girl how to do this. Somehow she instantly knew that the frog would go down the tube and that the button did something! You do have to push the button a little hard, so some babies might not get it right away.

There are 2 balls and a penguin on a ball that slide down the spiral. Each is made to go down a specific shoot at the bottom, but ours does not work perfectly. I'm not sure if this is a problem with all of them or just ours, but the stopping method of the slightly larger ball does not extend down far enough to make it go down the middle shoot. It ends up stopping at the end of the covered part, but I just push it back down to where it should be.

My little girl loves this toy and I love to watch her play with it! She likes to look down the tube and blow into the slots of the frog to make him make noise. It took her a couple weeks to figure out that the balls and penguin can't go down the shoot, but now she knows they only go on the spiral.