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I Prefer Preference

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Okay girls, I'm giving away my secret! Tink uses hair color! Okay, no big deal right? Well I don't want to show my age. I started coloring my hair a few years ago. Once I started I didn't want to stop. My natural hair color is what they call a dishwater blonde tone. I wanted to liven it up to a golden color. I tried Preference, Golden Blonde. This was a perfect shade for me. Not too brassy and definitely not too blonde.

It is very easy to use. I get my hubby to apply the color for me at home. He does this holding his breath! He says it is much more "smelly" up there where he is standing than where I am sitting! I think when I first began coloring my hair, the formula was much stronger and I couldn't even stand smelling it during application. Now they have made it smell "attractive" and less stinky.

I have found that if I dampen my hair, not soak/just dampen, my color comes out more evenly. I know what you are thinking. It says to apply color to dry, clean hair. Well one time my color came out looking like it had a tint of green...ewww....right? I asked a hair dresser why that happened. She said that I needed to dampen my hair first and that would never happen again. So that is how I do it, always. I never got an exact answeras to why the "green" tint.

I leave this on my hair for 25 minutes. Then I simply add some warm water to the hair and massage. Good time to get a head massage too! Then rinse out all the color until you see clear water. Then you apply the super moisturizer cream that comes with the package. Then rinse this out. You have smooth and silky hair in a great shade of golden blonde!

This product says you can apply this formula every 6 weeks. I find that my hair must grow slower because I usually apply new color every two months.

This is a great product and I have always been happy with it, except for that one "green" time. But now that I know the secret...straight from the hair dresser...I will always get it right!

Highly recommended!