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I, Robot 2004

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This well-made robot movie is set in 2035, when robots have become a common household items. Created by Dr. Lanning and manufactured by U.S.Robotics, they do all those tedious tasks we humans have always wanted someone else to do for us: house chores, cooking, cleaning, etc. The robots are programmed to follow three basicl rules that are supposed to ensure their safety and usefulness: 1) Protect and not to harm humans; 2) Do what they are told unless it is against the law; 3) Protect themselves unless in conflicts with the first two rules.

Del Spooner, a Chicago cop (Will Smith) does not think robots all that wonderful. In fact, he dislikes and mistrusts them, despite the 3 robotic laws. When Dr. Lanning, the creator of robots, is found dead, Spooner discovers a robot hiding in his office. The robot, named Sonny, is different from the rest, he appears to have thoughts and emotions. Sonny belongs to a new, advanced line of robots that should eventually replace all the old ones. If Sonny is responsible for the doctor's death, that means all the new robots may be a threat.

I like most robot movies, even old ones where robots are played by people wearing bad makeup. This one, made in 2006, takes advantage of the computer techhology to make "real, " believable robots - walking and talking machines. Despite certain predictability (robots rioting, robots getting human emotions), I found the premise intriguing and watched Spooner's investigation with interest. I highly recommend this movie to any robot fan like myself.