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I Take My Daily Ginger, Do You?

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Like many alternative medicine supplements, ginger can be used for a small list of remedies. One of my favorite sources of alternative medicine is wholehealthmd.com. To read more about the medicinal uses of ginger please click here: wholehealthmd.com

The number one reason why I use ginger is for allergy relief, specifically to help to drain the fluid buildup in my ears. Ginger is a natural decongestant. My physician used to prescribe me a chemical decongestant to alleviate the fluid buildup in my ears that would lead to a lessening of my hearing. Not being able to hear clearly was a big pain in tush that comes around every spring with my spring allergies… but chemical decongestants are not good for us, especially when taken on a regular basis.

Since I was trying to find alternatives to the different medications that I took, both prescription and OTC (over the counter), I figured that I would give ginger a try.

I decided to go with New Chapter Daily Ginger Vegi Caps for many reasons.

Among the reasons that are important to me:

the ginger is certified organic,

there are no artificial colors,

there are no artificial flavors,

uses both ginger juice and ginger extract.

The combination of the above pretty much made my choice for me.

Once I began taking the ginger I noticed a couple of things…

1) If I wait to take the ginger capsules until after I feel fluid buildup in my ear, the capsules work faster than what I had previously been prescribed. For me it takes about a week for my ears to open up and if I continue taking it for another week or two they stay clear and open. When I had taken prescription meds or OTC meds, such as Sudafed, it would usually take a minimum of two weeks to have the same effect.

2) If I take the ginger capsules BEFORE I feel the fluid buildup (around the time I feel any sinus discomfort or throat tickling) I can AVOID the fluid buildup altogether. This makes it a good reason to try and always have some ginger available.

When I take the ginger, I break up the dose so I am taking 1 capsule 3 times a day instead of 3 capsules at one time. I will take up to 4 capsules a day or as few as 1 per day.

Another thing that I have used the capsules for is to make a tea to sooth my throat. While I do prefer to use fresh ginger to make a tea, if I feel that I need it and am not able to get fresh ginger I can open up a capsule or two into a mug of boiling water and make up some pretty decent tea in a pinch.

The expiration dates on the Daily Ginger sold at luckyvitamin.com are generally pretty far out so if I am making a small order or only ordering the ginger, I generally will order 2 bottles so that I do not run out. I do not take them often, only when needed, so it isn’t unusual for me not to have to order ginger again for at least a year.