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I Thought I Was Buying Winter Gloves!!

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Sometimes I wonder if I am blond!! It was toward the end of February and I was standing in line at Kohl's to pay for something when I spotted these super soft looking tan gloves. I actually needed a new pair so I pulled them off the rack and tried them on. Well, I had never in my life felt such soft gloves and they actually smelled really good.

I added them to my pile just as it was my turn. I asked the girl at the register if they happened to be on sale. She checked and said they were for $3.99. I bought them and put them on as soon as I left the store.

When I got home I took them off and said to my hubby, "holy cow, you should feel how soft my hands are". I pulled the tag out of the bag and saw that these were not regular gloves but Aloe Plush Moisturizing Gloves! My husband couldn't stop laughing and asked if I was taking them back. No way, I loved the way my hands felt.

These gloves are actually infused with natural aloe vera and Vitamin E, are super soft and continually moisturize your hands while you are wearing them. They're perfect if you live somewhere cold during the winter months and your skin dries out to the point where you could just scream! Using your own lotion in addition to the aloe in the gloves leaves them feeling even softer than if you had just had your hands waxed.

They are made of 97% nylon, 3% spandex and one size fits most. You have your choice of buying them in brown, black, pink, blue and cream. Now if you really want the full effect they do have socks for your feet also. (You learn a lot when you actually read the tags!)

I usually wear the gloves while I'm relaxing after dinner for a couple of hours. The instructions say they should last for about three months. They can be washed in cold water, gentle cycle, but should not be put in the dryer. I've washed them a couple of times and so far so good.

Since using these gloves I think my hands look much better and the cuticles around my nails are much softer when doing my nails. I also don't think my nails are as brittle as in the past. I'm glad I was a little blond that day and found them. I would recommend anyone with dry hands give these moisturizing gloves a try and see how they work for you!