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I Use Right Guard Shower Gel, And I Get Xtremely Fresh!

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Hair Pure Right Beauty Gel

The product is called "Xtreme Fresh", and it also states on the label "Pure Adrenaline". It is marketed as a "Deodorising shower gel", for body and hair. It is made in Germany by Schwarzkopf and Henkel, and I paid just under £1.50 per bottle.

The Right Guard shower gel is coloured purple, there is probably no practical reason for this, and it just doesn't look natural to me. It comes in a plastic bottle, holding some 250ml, or a quarter of a litre. There is a flip top lid, which is easy to open and close, even with wet soapy fingers. The nozzle is just right, you will find it easy to squeeze out just the right amount. I do however, find that the base is rather small, and the bottle is easily knocked over, so the top has to be closed or it will spill.

As stated earlier, this can be used on the hair as well as the body. It is easy to apply, lathers well, cleans, and rinses off easily. The label says that it "Washes away odour causing Bacteria", well I suppose they all do. This Right Guard product claims to be dermatologically tested, and also pH neutral. Fair enough, but it also claims to "Stimulate and enliven your senses" - well I am still waiting for that!

The formula of this product is almost the same as Bubble Bath, so it will add bubbles to your bath water, especially if you wash your hair twice, then the rest of your body. Personally I only do my hair once, little and often is my motto. There is a slight scent left after using, but nothing to put you off it. There are no anti-dandruff ingredients in this, although I have not had any symptoms since I started using Xtreme Fresh, (About a year ago). Until I discovered Right Guard Xtreme Fresh, I used Head and Shoulders, and a bar of soap.

I have never had any problems with irritation, not even in "sensitive areas". This product is water based, so if it gets into your eyes, wash out with water as usual.

I do like this gel, and use nothing else. I find the price acceptable, and see no reason to try anything different.

There ends the review, if you are waiting for a picture of me using it - No chance! - OK I have decided to add a clean one!