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I Use Suave Hair Conditioner As Shaving Cream

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By glent on
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I know you aren't supposed to use products for something other than intended. It's called something derogatory when doctors do it. But in this case it is totally workable and acceptable. I use hair conditioner for shave cream. Not so strange if you consider this: a cosmetologist told me that anything good for your hair will be good for your skin. So why wouldn't I use something on my face that softens my beard and makes my skin feel good as a shaving cream?

I don't have a very heavy beard. If I grew it out, I'd look like a grade B movie mandarin emperor or something. But that doesn't mean the stubble isn't tough. It is like little copper wires. And it grows in every direction imaginable. "With the grain" has absolutely no meaning.

For years I thought that a new razor would keep my acne-pocked skin from further damage during shaving. None did. Then it must be the shaving cream, I thought. No, it wasn't. They all just made my face slick, or worse. So when the cosmetologist told me about hair and skin, I decided to try conditioner. It really worked! Right after showering or washing my face, I pat it dry and put a dime-sized puddle in my palm. I rub it all over my beard and let it soak in for about a minute

The razor glides over my face ( I still have to pull the wrinkles out, darn it! ). Any razor removes as much or more beard with one swipe, and my skin is moist and fresh instead of dry. It is way better than the usual soapy foam shave cream. I didn't want any mint stink or shine agents, so I shopped around for a hair conditioner that worked the best.

A few tries later, I saw Suave naturals soothing Lavender Lilac conditioner. Now I wouldn't use the stuff on my hair ( see my Purology review for why ), but it wasn't loaded with alcohols and did have Vitamin E. Even the bottle was recyclable. With the rock bottom pricing on their products, Suave was worth a try.

It does the job really well, and I get 30 fluid ounces for three dollars. Try that with J Crew or any of the other heavy advertisers! Guys, if you are sick of throwing away tens and twenties for a smooth shave, give Suave conditioner a try. Pick one with a smell you like. I refill a travel sized plastic squeeze bottle and keep it with my razor. Now I'm even willing to shave more often.