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I Want To Rub This All Over Your Body! Turtle Wax Polish.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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To justify me writing this review, I must tell you that once upon a time, I used to Valet cars for a living. Yes I needed the money, and actually derived a lot of job satisfaction from cleaning a car, polishing it, cleaning the seats, dash, and glass. I used to finish a car, then fetch a cup of Coffee, and admire it, a job well done.

This sounds like an easy job, but there is a lot of hard work involved. A product like this makes the job so much easier. The polish not only helps to get rid of very small scratches by filling them in, it also adds colour to any areas that have primer on show. Very often, we had decided that a panel would need a respray, but I would always give it a go with this polish, and quite a few times we realised that it was as near as Damn it perfect.

To apply the polish, first the car must be cleaned, and I mean it has to be properly washed to get rid of road dirt, traffic film, and bugs etc. The car does not have to be dried, but I used to go over it with a Blade to remove the excess.

Then it was time to apply this polish, you should buy the right colour, but it does not have to be the exact shade. Using a damp cloth (an old tee shirt is perfect) apply the polish in small circles, spreading it out to cover a couple of square feet at a time. After doing a few panels, you can pick a soft dry buffing cloth, and gently rub, again in circles, to remove the dried polish. The panel will now shine brilliantly. This will give you the incentive to put polish onto another panel and so on. I used to start on the roof, doing this panel in four parts, then all the posts, the bonnet, boot or tailgate, then the sills. This method means that I would then have just the flanks of the car to do, i.e. the wings & doors, which are fairly easy. If you end up with the sills being left until last, there is every chance that they will "accidentally" be forgotten.

After the main bodywork is complete, you should do the bits of paintwork you don't normally see, inside the doors, boot, and bonnet. While you are doing these jobs, you may well see areas you have missed, or bits that may benefit from a second coat.

The main thing I liked about this polish, is that it is a liquid, meaning it is so easy to apply. It also buffs off easily too. The polish is not cheap, but for doing a car perfectly and quickly, this is the one I choose.

You can get this in a variety of colours, but you can also mix them. I used to add Black to Fire Engine Red for doing cars which were Maroon for instance.

The bottles are plastic, with a cap that is easy to take off, even with slippery hands. There is also a "Chip Stick" crayon attached to the bottle, this is for filling in deeper scratches, and worked well. The stick should be used before the polish as and where needed.

The only critique I can come up with, is that the bottle does not stand up too well, especially in the wind. It is a shame the bottle was not made with a wide base, as it is usually used outdoors, with the cap off.

This polish will help restore the colour of your car, and also prevent it from losing it's colour in the first place.

I can thoroughly recommend it to all.