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I Was Skeptical At First...

Reviewing: Studio Zan Over Turn  |  Rating:
By Christian Hanson on
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When I first heard about this game, I thought it would be terrible... That was, untill I saw a youtube clip of gameplay.

The main gameplay modes are Story, Wi-fi and VS Local. There is also an options menu for you to tweak some aspects of the game, but not that much. The layout of the Menus are very simple and clear, it is impossible for anyone to get lost!

In Story, you appear in a garage while an excelently drawn but generic anime character speeks to you explaining a tournament. The story really is just that, you participating in a tournament. Not only is the story dull, but the character explaining you things has both no personality and no life to it whatsoever. Apparantly, they had a better story in the japanese version with more characters and diologue, but here all we get is a chick explaining that you won the match. Very pathetic indeed, but story is really not the key in this game...

The main part of story mode is the tournaments. After you listen to the chick blab, you can edit your robot you selected by changing the weapons and colours. This sounds extremely basic but just a simple change of a weapon will change your strategy completely! When you are done editing your giant mech you can test it out, and if you like it, you can actually use it in the tournament! The controls for actual battle are pretty accurate, espicially with the wii balance board (though it is a tad hard to use.) The only issue I have with this battle is that the textures can be a bit bland at times and the music is extremely repitive and is too similer to every course. If you win a tournament, you get more weapons to stick on your Mech and more tournaments to choose from. The main story mode only takes a couple hours and is incredibly easy.

The next mode, and probably the best mode is wi-fi. In wi-fi, you can choose to battle anybody in your country or friends (of course, by adding one of those annoying friend codes...) You have two battle choices after you select country or friends, they are VS and Battle Royal. VS is pretty much the multiplayer equivilant of tournament battles, in this case your oponent is the other player, And Battle Royal is VS except with 2 more players. Wi-fi is extremely fun, and almost 100% lag free. Wi-fi is definatly the main mode of this game.

The next and final mode of this game is VS local. I have yet to try this out as I do not have anybody that would like to play with me, but I hear it is the same as wifi, except split screen.

In the end, Over Turn is a great game that will either have you addicted for weeks. Though it may seem stupid and idiotic, I highly advise you to pick it up.

BTW, on a side note, this is my first review on this site. If I can improve on somethings, please tell me.