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I Will Gloss Over This Review! Johnstone's Paint.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I wanted to do some painting at work, so asked if it would be OK to order some gloss paint. The answer I received was a little strange, I was told I could order anything I wanted, as long as it was from the Johnstone's range. I was a little taken aback by this, but although I had never used their products before, I just assumed they sold very cheap paint. I was of course totally wrong, the paint was rather good, and at £17.95 for a 2.5 Litre tin, was not cheap.

The tin concerned was very good, the lid could be easily removed, and put back on securely. If I had bought the five Litre tin, it would have been a bit cheaper at under £25.

The paint itself is the good old fashioned Oil based Gloss, it was Applied on sound wooden surfaces, after being rubbed down, filled, sanded, primed, then undercoated. I managed to get away with one coat, but I am sure that many colours would require two. The shine was the first thing I liked, it impressed me, and I know that it will be easier to keep clean than previous paint surfaces. The paint was very smooth, and after I stirred it, began applying with ease. The weather was warm and dry, and the paint was at room temperature. I was not worried about fumes, it did not seem to be too strong. I went back after about two hours, and the paint was dry to the touch, obviously I could have disturbed the skin if I wanted to. I returned the following day, to find that the paint had dried to a good hard finish, and could have used sandpaper on it if I was giving it a second coat.

As for cleaning the brush, I used Turpentine Substitute, as I always do, and it was no more difficult to achieve a clean brush, than with any other make of Oil based paint. I must say that if doing say two or more doors, I tend to apply the paint with a roller, then just draw a brush down the door, to make sure the finish is smooth.

There was no sign of any runs or curtains, and the paint did not drag. I am now pleased to be ordering a different colour of Johnstone's paint, ready for the summer. I looked at the colour chart, and noticed that they have a very good range of colours. I was also impressed that they supply so many different types of Primer, Undercoat, all available in Oil or Acrylic. I shall be using their emulsion paints soon, so watch this space.

I can thoroughly recommend this paint to all.