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I Will Never Fly Delta!

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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I have used several airlines. Some I have disliked and others I have absolutly loved! In this case, I have to add Delta on my list of airlines that I absolutly despies and will never fly again. As far as I am concerned, Delta has lost my business.

Some of you may be asking why I am making such a horrible statement. Well let me tell you why. I went on vacation with my sister and her two small children (4 and 18 months old). We arrived at the airport 2 1/2 hours early. Let me remind some of you that most, if not all airports tell you to arrive at least 90 minutes early, so we gave it 2 1/2 hours just to be safe.

First of all, the the lines to check baggage on Delta's side are very confusing. My sister did not have her boarding pass so we knew that we would need to wait in line. She asked one of the Delta representatives which line would be best for her to stand in and was told it was the first one. After waiting 30 minutes in the line we were told to go to, we get up to the front and are told that we were in the wrong one. We tell the lady that were told to wait here and she says to us (very nasty) that there are posters everywhere telling us where to be. She then states that she wont help us because there were others that got into the right line. We then proceed to get into the right line. We continue to wait. By this time we have been waiting for over an hour. The line never moves. Finally about 20 minutes before our flight leaves, a rep asks everyone who is waiting for the 7:15am flight to California. I raise my hand, the rep checks us in, and then we have to literally run to our gates. As we get a few feet from the gate, they are calling our names and telling us to hurry because they will closing the plane doors in about 3 mintes. Wow, was that close. There was no apoloy from the bagage check people and when we apologized to the people at the gate and explained to them what happened, they just dismissed it like it was no big deal.

I have one other complaint. The seats. I am a big woman. I require a second seat belt on most planes because I can't quite get the first around me. That being said, I have never had the problem of not fitting in a seat. I have always managed to at least sit comfortably. Not with Delta. I literally had to sit sideways and let me tell you that is not comfortable for 2.5 hours. It was so bad that once the seat belt signs went off, I had to get up and walk through the plane. Ugh! It was horrible.

Not all of the flight was horrible. The flight attendant was very nice and she actually had another little girl on the plane who was flying by herself that she took care of like she was her own. Comming back was better. We went through the skycab outside. They were much more helpful and pleasant and even when they couldn't check the car seats in, they still went inside for us got the tickets manually so we didnt have to wait in another line. The flight attendant comming back was very pleasant. She even made a little time to talk to my nephew. She even gave him an extra snack and was patient when he changed his mnd and wanted a different one.

I won't recommend Delta to anyone. If someone asks me about them, I would say they are are better of flying through another airline as it seems Delta is worse than I remember.