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I Will Never Stop Whitening My Teeth

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Stephanie Schonberger By Stephanie Schonberger on
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Pluswhite 5 Teeth Beauty Plus

Ok, so I was a little skeptical buying some tooth whitener in the drug store..because i normally have probably the most sensitive teeth on the planet, i can't bleach my teeth, can't use the baking soda/hydrogen peroxide as these types of methods reallllllly make my teeth kill!! so i heard about this product Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel, and read lots of good reviews about it, so i finally decided to give it a try. i am so pleased i went for it! the kit i bought was the one with the pre rinse and mouth piece, although i am not fond of the mouth piece, so you can just make your own the ones they use in rugby/football that fit your mouth, and also, you do not need the pre rinse, as if you have any cuts in your mouth and you use it, it burrrrrnssss!!!! anyways, the instructions on the box say to put a thin layer of the gel from the tube into the mouth piece, but that simply was NOT working for me, too much product, just a waste. so i just take about a 2-pea-sized amount of it on one finger and take a little bit of it and rub it into my top teeth first, then put the tray in, and same goes for the bottom. it sort of does make you foam at the mouth, but that's why it's best to do it in the shower, plus you get to keep it on longer than 5 minutes which is no harm. as long as it's not longer than about 15! then brush your teeth thoroughly afterwards with toothpaste! :)

so i have been using this gel for a couple months now, and most definitely have noticed a difference in my teeth, atleastt by a few shades lighter, family and friends have noticed and i'm addicted to it! i use it once a day, sometimes twice, whenever you feel is good for you basically. it is mostly worth it's money. except don't buy the full kit, you can just rinse your mouth with a mouth wash ( oh! be sure to floss before you whiten!!! ) and you can also buy separte mouth guards that fit your mouth for probably about $3 dollars, then just the gel itself is $5.00. so it's totally a steal!

hope you enjoy whitening your teeth as much as i do!!!