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I Wish I Was Fitted With These!(Aa Rechargeable Batteries)

Reviewing: Lloytron Ni Cad Aa/R6 Size 1.2volt 700m Ah  |  Rating:
Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I am doing a review on batteries, rechargeable ones of course, and these are the ones I bought for my camera, quite a few years ago. They are AA size, very common, and are often referred to as "Pencil batteries". I have been meaning to replace these, as they do not hold their charge as long as they used to, but then I realised just how long I had been using them, I must have bought them about six years ago. This type of battery is supposed to last for about a thousand charges, and mine must have lasted a fair bit longer than that. They have been in almost daily used for the whole time. I got them at a local shop, and as there were a set of four, it worked out just right, one pair in my camera, the other either being charged, or in my camera case as spares.

I am quite a fan of rechargeable batteries, it makes a lot of sense, not just for the Planet, but in our pockets. These are a bit more expensive to buy, but will last for many years as I have just proven. They must have paid for themselves many times over. There are the usual warning messages on the casing, "Do not incinerate" etc, there is also the recycle sign, although in my area there are no falilities for batteries unfortunately.

I had never heard of the name Lloytron, and there are no indications as to where these were made, I presume they were transported half way around the World, meaning that perhaps they are not that green! I have to say though, they have to be more environmentally friendly than conventional batteries, which are used and disposed of..

I have to recommend these, even though they are past their best now, however they are still good enough for normal use, but I would not risk them for a Holiday for example. I have of course been back to the shop for replacements, but these are out of stock - Typical! I just wish I was powered by these.