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Iams Premium Cat Food

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By ferret on
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I am reviewing Iams Premium dry Cat Food in the Active Maturity style. This is a 4 lb bag, so it is plenty big for cats. We won't need to be running out to the store all the time when we run out. Because it is such a big bag though, we have to take extra steps to make sure it stays fresh.

Once you expose dry cat food to air and light, it will taste stale to finicky cats. What we do is pour the food into smaller air tight bags or containers as soon as we open the bag.

I am not saying that Iams should go and put a zip top on the bag to keep the freshness in if that will make the cost of the food higher, because that will not help with a truly finicky cat and most of the zip tops do not work right anyway. However, if Iams decides to put the zip top on, keep the price the same, and you do not have a freaky fussy feline, then that would be cool.

We usually buy a different Iams formula for our cat. Someone in our house made a mistake and got this Active Maturity type of Iams and we have already noticed our cat looks a little heavier, which he does not need, so we will definitely be going back to the formula that is less fattening. Our cat loves this Active Maturity food and why not, it has more calories than his usual food.

This formula also does not advertise hairball control on the front of the package like our usual Iams formula does, so that is something else we miss in this Active Maturity food. We are not sure if it makes much of a difference though.

We do feel better that we are getting a better quality cat food instead of some off-brand loaded with who knows what. Iams box says it offers a one hundred percent guarantee if you are not satisfied, so that is good too.

I am sure this Active Maturity food works pretty good for cats that are 7+ years old and are still pretty active. Our cat is 14 and slightly overweight, so he probably is not the kind of cat this food was intended for anyway.

We will probably keep buying Iams cat food, but we will go back to our cat's previous more weight conscious formula.