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Ice Cold

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Well first things first to state just for the record I've had little to no experience when it comes to installing a server CPU Coolers. In fact at first glance I mistook Thermalright for Thermaltake and was strangely optimistic as I wasn't aware Thermaltake made Server CPU coolers however on a father-son outing with my dear old man we were on a mission to find a Server cooler for their server at work although my server CPU cooler knowledge is limited. I do posses knowledge in conventional CPU coolers so surely the coolers must both posses the same primary principles so after the kind gentlemen at Incredibly connections insured us of the high quality and reputation of the Thermalright HR-01 X we were on our way. When we arrived at my Dads work we quickly unwrapped the cooler and began assembling it I was genuinely surprised at the size of the cooler being a server cooler naturally I expected something bigger than my CPU cooler back home but this was quite big. A nice added bonus is that the cooler is comprised of aluminum fins and copper heat pipes instead of using a somewhat archaic fan system which means they will be less noise when the cooler is operational. As in conventional home PCs the addition of a CPU cooler significantly cools the CPU core temperature and enables room for over clocking so with the Thermalright HR-01 X and a few simple BIOS tweaks we were able to get the server core speed up to 2Ghz and I'm willing to bet a more experienced overclocker can far surpass that clock speed. If your relatively a noob(New at this)when it comes to server coolers the Thermalright HR-01 X wouldn't be a bad avenue to start at