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Ice Cube Chocolates Heaven....

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If you're old enough to remember penny candy, you probably remember Ice Cubes. If you can remember nickel candy, you may even remember them. They used to be right beside the check-out counter, little squares of chocolate in blue wrappers showing a polar bear, and called "Ice Cubes."

I never have figured out why they got their name. They don't taste like most other chocolate, possibly because they're made in Germany. These days the wrapper is gold, and the only way I can get them is to buy them by the 120 count, 2 lb. tub from a few on-line candy retailers like the Candy Depot. Shipping is much less expensive in winter than in summer, by the way; in summer they require that you pay for overnight shipping, and they'll come in styrofoam with ice packs. The cost of that is almost as much as the cost for the candy. I got them last right at the end of winter, and paid $14.23 for 3-day shipping from UPS. I could have chosen a slightly less expensive method, but I wasn't sure how long our weather would be cool.

These are definitely a special occasion chocolate these days. The penny days are over for Ice Cubes, and now if you want them, you'd better REALLY want them, because those 120 pieces last a long time, especially when you realize that they have 64 calories in one little piece, and 44 of those calories are from fat. So, I limit myself to one a day, and not every day. And I'm proud of myself because although I love them, I've only gotten them twice in the last 10 years.

If only I could find them by a check-out counter again, probably at 50 cents for a little piece, I'd probably buy one more often. That tub is just a little intimidating. If you haven't ever tried them, I'd suggest that you try to find someplace where you can buy just one, to try. As I said, they don't taste like any other chocolate I've tried (they're milk chocolate, by the way, not dark), and they may not please every palate. I give them two slightly chocolatey thumbs up (maybe they call them Ice Cubes because they melt so quickly?!).