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Ice Elements 2 Minute Miracle Gel

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I cannot recommend this product highly enough. The 2 Minute Miracle Gel (aka 2mm) is the first product in the Ice Elements line that I tried, and it had me totally hooked after one use. I have very sensitive skin on my face (rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema). However, due to the seb derm, my skin tends to be flakey. The problem was that I had no effective way to exfoliate this dead skin, which is very bothersome for a young lady. In conjunction with another Ice Elements product (Souffle) and a prescription topical medication (Elidel), I have virtually eliminated those flakes on my face.

Mechanical exfoliants have traditionally been scrubs, which are too harsh for sensitive skin. (Chemical exfoliants work through alpha or beta hydroxy acids to sort of "unglue" the dead skin cells.) The 2mm, though, works as a mechanical exfoliant in a totally different way. I have no idea how it works, but you apply it to dry skin, wait a bit (usually less than one minute, though it varies depending on how humind it is outside), then start rubbing. If the gel does not feel runny, you wait a bit more. If it is runny, it somehow picks up those dead skin cells in the process of you gently rubbing. Then, you rinse.

It can take some practice to get right, but once you do, it's like magic. It leaves your skin tone more even, your skin more soft, and NO FLAKES! If you use this in conjunction with the Ice Elements Souffle or another chemical exfoliant, the chemical exfoliant will sort of "unglue" or loosen those dead skin cells, and the 2mm will help remove them for your face. I've noticed a significant improvement in my facial skin since I began using this product. I highly recommend it.