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Icebreakers: To Share Or Not To Share?

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alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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Hershey's makes a mint candy product called Icebreakers that is comparable in price to Altoids, and it promised on the label to be an "Ultimate Mouth Freshening Mint". I had to put on my bifocals to read that Icebreakers are also sugar-free, and thus only 2 calories per mint as compared to 3. I don't think I would have bothered paying attention to the number of calories in my mint candies if the advertiser hadn't try to play up that benefit with the line "30% fewer calories than sugared mints". Oh, how I do love marketing firms for drawing my attention to such comical mathematical truths such as that one.

But for the same price as Altoids, there's slightly fewer mints in the Icebreakers package, 1.5 oz versus 1.76 oz. In correctly souped up marketing speech, that's "15% fewer mints in the Icebreakers package than in the directly competing higher calorie sugared mint package". Betcha they won't play up that little fact in their advertising. But I bought the Icebreakers anyway because my grocery store was out of Altoids, and these were the next best substitute for a curiously strong peppermint candy.

The first thing I noticed when I reached for my first Icebreakers mint was the unusual packaging design. There's actually two different labeled flap openings on the top of the container: "to share" and "not to share". The "not to share" opening is too tiny for my fingers to pick a mint out. So I tried to shake out an Icebreakers mint instead. The first shake resulted in nothing, the second shake resulted in two mints, and the third shake resulted in a bit of a downpour of loose mint candies falling into my hand and onto the floor before I could tilt the container back up and stop the flow. Okay, that's the last time I ever use the "not to share" flap. From now on, I'm sharing. It makes me sound angelic anyway, and I might be able to impress somebody with that.

The "to share" flap is big enough for my fingers to pick out my Icebreakers mints individually. But don't think I'm sharing my mints with other people in the "to share" way, folks, because I don't know where anybody else's fingers have been. I'll devilishly open up the "not to share" flap for other people and shake a mint or two into their hands so as "not to share" in their germs even if they're happy enough to share in mine.

Popping an Icebreakers into my mouth, I was surprised by the unexpected glazed smoothness of a distinctly fruit-flavored coating that preceded the strong peppermint taste. These Icebreakers were delicious, giving my taste buds a new treat in complex flavor analysis that lasted for the entire mint. I think it's the little blue speckles embedded in the peppermint that give it that hint of fruity flavor... is it cherry?