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Icom 32 At Hand Held Ham Radio

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By joey on
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Another winner from the Icom company. Purchased brand new from a local dealer. Radio works on the 2 meter and 440mhz bands. Has never been in for any repairs ever. Probably will need to go in one day soon for a lithium battery for the memory. Icom used to advertise alot of tough radio stories but this one they don't have. I took it fishing with me one time and lost my balance on a slippery river rock and went crash down into the rocks and water. I figured the radio would be smashed for certain as it was in between me and the rocks but it survived with flying colors . One thing is for sure its the last time I try that stunt. I sure wish everything was made this durable. Icom is legendary for their radio toughness and this review is a case in point. I would certainly recommend their hand held radio to anyone looking for something with way above average quality and durability. I have owned this particular radio now for about 19 years. Icom hand held radio's have a very solid reputation as they are known for lasting a heck of a long time. I think this company makes the highest quality handheld radio"s. My friends and brother own Icom radio's and so far everyone is extremely pleased.