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Icy Hot Relieves Back Pain

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Did you ever have one of those night's where no matter what you tried, you could not get comfortable? I had one of those last night and to make matters worse my cat who I love to death, would not leave me alone. Every time I managed to get comfortable and drift off to sleep, he jumped up on the bed to snuggle which includes things like paws in my face and claws in my back. I spent most of the night throwing him off the bed only for him to return a few minutes later and do it again. During one of these times, I reach behind me and twisted myself to move him. He dug his claws in the bed and held on with all his might. In the process, I pulled something in my shoulder. This morning when I got up, the pain was horrible and went down my arm and up my neck. I took an Aleve which usually does the trick but even 2 hours later, I was still in pain.

I started rummaging through the medicine bin looking for something to help and came across a sample I had of extra strength Icy Hot Medicated Patch. The package says it's good for arthritis, backaches, burstis, tendonitis, mustle strain, sprains, bruises and cramps. The patch is available in several different sizes and this one was for the back and large areas. The pad has 2 sides one is a sticky side that is protected with plastic like aBand-Aid that you peel off and the other is almost like a felt.

I peeled the plastic coating to expose a sticky side that is imbedded with a pain relieving ointment which contains 5% Menthol. It has a cool and warm feeling all in one. The patch was really big so I removed the plastic coating from one half of it and cut it in half with a pair of scissors so I would only use half now and hopefully the other half will work later. The patch does have a smell like that of Ben Gay but not as strong. Unlike applying a regular ointment, the patch keeps the ointment in place and it works, according to the package, for up to 8 hours. The patch keeps the ointment from getting all over your clothes and I think italso keeps the smell more contained as well.

Within 30 minutes of applying the patch, I started feeling must better and was able to move my arm and my neck with much less pain. It's been 3 hours now and the patch is still working. I find the more clothing I put on over it or if I lay down on it, it feels even warmer. I am very pleased with how well this is working and next time I am at the store I am going to look at getting some of these to keep on hand in case we need them again.

Remember when touching this to wash your hands well with soap and water because even though it is a patch, you still do get some on your hands and that could cause real trouble if you were to get it in your eyes.

Update On Mar 18, 2009: OK folks just a warning about removing this patch. It sticks really well and after being stuck on all day, it was a little painful to remove from my skin similar to a really large bandage. I would think if it was applied to an area with hair, this might be really painful to get off.