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I.D. Glide, Water Based Personal Lubricant

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Wow, what a fun and different product to write a review on! I‘ve been sitting here thinking about how to write this and NOT be to …personal! I was an assistant manager years ago at an adult specialty store that was geared towards women (for a change). There were aisles and aisles of personal lubricants, and we had to believe it or not learn about and try most (all would take to long) so that we would know how to sell each to our customers. I learned a lot!! I.D. Glide is one of the personal water based lubricants that was always popular with our customers…men and women alike!


Needing or using a personal lubricant is nothing to be embarrassed about! There are a number of reasons that you might need or want to use one! Some of the things that could disrupt our body’s natural “settings” are -

-Your monthly cycle...different phases during the month can cause a lack of your own!

-After child birth…I don’t know about you but my sex life after having a baby just wasn’t the same! Years and Years later I learned that your estrogen levels are really low after having a baby and one of the effects of that can be lack off natural lubrication production.

-Age /Menopause is a major culprit as well! Another phase of life that causes hormone fluctuation and lack of.

- Ok...another reason maybe a little more …um …”adult” and not so medical…in the store I worked at we called them “marital aids” ( a nice way to say TOYS) Your experience if you choose to use these can be greatly enhanced with the proper lubrication.

Now, I would like to point out that personal lubricants such as KY Jelly were created more for medical purposes and tend to wear off quickly. I.D. Glide is more for “recreational” purposes! (Am I saying this nicely enough?)


Purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, cellulose polymer, polyethylene oxide, sodium benzoate, methylparaben, carbomer 981, tetrahydrxypropl ethylenediamine,

Diazolidinyl urea, EDTA


The directions on the bottle says to add just a few drops to the area you would like additional lubrication. If lubrication decreases add a few drops of water to reactivate.

I.D. Glide is compatible with latex, plastic and rubber items...this is important if you are using condoms. A silicone based lubricant will break down the latex raising the potential risk of pregnancy, and transference of sexually transmitted diseases. Also if you are using a “marital aid” a lot of those toys are silicone, latex, and rubber…a NON-water based lubricant can cause those to break down as well! In case you’re wondering what exactly can happen…well, I used a silicone based lubricant with a “martial aid” item and it BURNED!!! Lesson learned!


I.D. Glide is a water based lubricant which means that it is also water soluble...it washes off easily. It also says on the label that it is a “doctor recommended brand”

This particular I.D. Glide is Non-flavored; I.D. Glide offers a variety of flavors (YES FLAVORED!!) in the water based lubricant line. It is also NON-staining and FRAGRANCE FREE.


I.D. Glide is NOT a spermicidal.

If irritation occurs immediately discontinue use! For topical use only, don’t get it in your eyes (yikes?!)

I have the 5.5oz bottle it comes in a tall slender, squeezable bottle with a rounded flip open lid; there is a small opening in the top to make small amounts of application easier. I think that packaging will vary based on the size you buy it is available in smaller tubes, larger bottles and I believe single use sample/trial sizes. Prices Vary depending on where you buy it! I think I paid around $10.00 for the 5.5oz bottle.

Where you find this? Well first off any adult store should have it, but if you are like me…I like to be a little more discrete!! I order mine online!! It is very easy to find there!

I’m not sure if drug stores and the like carry this...I haven’t looked as I do order mine online.


HA! Ha! Let me say this ...the best way to “test” a personal lubricant is to add some to your HANDS ... rub your hands together like you are warming them or putting on lotion. You can then feel how long it stays slick before it gets sticky or wears off, it is a pretty accurate way to get an idea of the product. When I did this I used one drop, it was less than 5 minutes and it then got kind of sticky… I added a few drops of water and it slicked up again.When i did 'the test' and used more than one drop, the "glide time" was significantly longer. There was no thick or greasy feeling. It actually feels natural…and there is NO smell of any kind. I like that it’s non staining (I never had a problem with it) and that you can adjust the amount to suit you/your need.

Well this was fun….I would recommend I.D. Glide to anyone looking for a water based lubricant and everyone that is looking to enhancing their “recreational “activities!